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Website: More Than 25 Pros Of Having A Business Website.


"Does your business have a website?"

That was the first question I asked my friend some time ago when he came complaining to me about how his business is dwindling of late...

Like many other struggling business owners, his business does not have a website.

For some others who have, they do not know how to maximally utilize a website to grow their business.

 In this article, I explained explicitly some of the advantages of having a website for your business and here is the overview of what I covered in this blog post:

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Reasons Why People Leave Your Website

Do you want to know why your website's bounce rate is high?

I mean why a lot of your traffic do not stay on your website long enough to consume your content and make a decision?

I have in this blog post examine those hidden reasons you might not be aware of, or those ones who look so insignificant to you that you may not take cognizance of.

Now... if you read this post to the end and make those necessary changes, you will be surprised to see how much conversion you will be getting from your website.

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How To Increase Website Traffic

One of the toughest parts of running a website or blog site is driving traffic and increasing your website visitors. 

You have developed an excellent website, composed your best web content however when you take a look at the analytics data you observe that you just get a few visitors per day. Why is this occurring?

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Web Hosting In Nigeria: Understanding The Intricacies Of Web Hosting

Have you heard about

Of course... who hasn't, I'm sure that's what you will say.

In fact you sure would have made some searches from the Almighty Google.

Statistics showed that google is the one of the most visited website in the world.

Just like and every other website maybe popular or not, there is something that they all have in common.

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